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BFK Bidirectional Dry Filter



· BFK bidirectional dry filter is used on the liquid piping of refrigeration and air conditioning unit to dry refrigerant (absorb water from system) and filter the solid from system in order to protect the refrigeration and air conditioning system for an efficient and safety operation.

· Model BFK bidirectional dry filter is composed of 80% 3A molecular sieve & 20% active aluminium with 100un filter cartridge.

· The filter core of 80% molecular sieve & 20% active aluminium can be used be for HFC and HCFC refrigerants and synthesized polyester oil (POE or PAG) system.


Product Model:


BFK-083BFK-163BFK-3033/8 SAE
BFK-084BFK-164BFK-3041/2 SAE
BFK-085BFK-165BFK-3055/8 SAE
————BFK-3063/4 SAE


BFK-083SBFK-163SBFK-303S3/8 ODF
BFK-084SBFK-164SBFK-304S1/2 ODF
BFK-085SBFK-165SBFK-305S5/8 ODF
————BFK-306S3/4 ODF
————BFK-307S7/8 ODF
————BFK-309S1-1/8 ODF

SAE connection:

ModelConnectionAΦBΦCDLSThread MWeight(g)
BFK-0833/8 SAE158Φ66.5Φ817167165/8-18UNF582
BFK-0841/2 SAE165Φ1019175193/4-16UNF624
BFK-0855/8 SAE176Φ1323.5188227/8-14UNF661
BFK-1633/8 SAE171Φ79Φ817180165/8-18UNF799
BFK-1641/2 SAE178Φ1019188193/4-16UNF839
BFK-1655/8 SAE189Φ1323.5201227/8-14UNF893
BFK-3033/8 SAE245Φ817254165/8-18UNF1303
BFK-3041/2 SAE252Φ1019262193/4-16UNF1334
BFK-3055/8 SAE263Φ1323.5275227/8-14UNF1294
BFK-3063/4 SAE265Φ1625277271-1/16-14UNS1352

ODF connection:

BFK-083S3/8 ODF141Φ66.5Φ9.610147542
BFK-084S1/2 ODF145Φ12.913.5151558
BFK-085S5/8 ODF149Φ1615155570
BFK-163S3/8 ODF154Φ79Φ9.610160757
BFK-164S1/2 ODF158Φ12.913.5164773
BFK-165S5/8 ODF163Φ1615169780
BFK-303S3/8 ODF228Φ9.6102341200
BFK-304S1/2 ODF232Φ12.913.52381215
BFK-305S5/8 ODF237Φ16152431227
BFK-306S3/4 ODF241Φ19.1122471232
BFK-307S7/8 ODF247Φ22.412.52531242
BFK-309S1-1/8 ODF256Φ28.7162621280



Thread ASE:

1、rubber plug; 2、thread cap; 3、steel connector; 4、end cap; 5、circuit change valve; 6、filter net; 7、fine filter; 8、filter pad; 9、solid filter cartridge; 10、barrel; 11、label;

Thread ODF:

1、rubber plug; 2、weiding pipe; 3、end cap; 4、circuit change valve; 5、filter net; 6、fine filter; 7、 filter pad; 8、solid filter cartridge; 9、barrel; 10、label

Technical Parameters:

Applicable RefrigerantHCFC or HFC
Applicable Medium Temperature-40℃~+120℃
Max.Operating Pressure4.2MPa
Max.Allowable Pressure6.3MPa


Filter cartridge of 80% 3A molecular sieve and 20% active aluminium filter cartridge presents powerful drying capacity and powerful deacidification capacity.

100un filter pad to keep an efficient filtration under minimum pressure drop. Corrosion resistant powder coating finish is applicable to various environments. Threaded connection and welded connection is normal design and customer design is available. Could be mounted in any desirable direction.

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